My name is Nir Yarden. I founded Yarden Law Firm to empower business owners and investors. Yarden Law Firm specializes in corporate and securities legal work.

The law can be a powerful tool to help you succeed. My mission is to help my clients achieve their goals by employing this tool on their behalf.

I seek pragmatic and efficient solutions to any challenges my clients face along the way; but more importantly, I’m here to eliminate challenges before they arise. Owning a business or investing can be complicated. My goal is to simplify the whole process.  View a detailed list of Yarden Law’s specialized legal services.

Why work together?

  • I fight to secure the best terms for you and use the law to protect you
  • I create documents and legal terms that are critical to your business success
  • I am your trusted adviser in both good and challenging times

Most valuable to me is the trust of my clients. They know I have their best interests at the forefront as their lawyer, confidante, and strongest advocate.

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I have spent 15 years as a lawyer representing many business owners, investors, and investment managers on corporate and securities matters.

My experience comes from over 20,000 hours of work with business owners, investors, and investment managers: I’ve structured and negotiated over $8 billion dollars of completed public and private fund offerings, effectively advised clients on raising money, and helped establish and advise numerous new businesses.

I’ve also represented many investors by successfully negotiating over $10 billion dollars of completed investments on their behalf across all asset classes, including hedge funds and private equity. My clients have included individuals, companies, investment managers, endowments, pension plans and family offices.

I am the Chair of the Regulation and Market Integrity Leadership Group of the New York Society of Security Analysts.

I hold a B.A. (Economics with Honors) and an M.B.A. (Finance) from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from Duke University School of Law. I am admitted to practice law in the State of New York. As an acknowledged expert in my field, the publications that I’ve contributed to and been interviewed for include:

The Street
Wall Street Journal
Pensions & Investments


Yarden Law’s legal services have you covered from business inception to long-term growth. I’m there for you every step of the way. For a detailed view of Yarden Law services, please click below.

The right legal structure for your business can help protect you from liability, makes raising money easier, attracts employees, and saves taxes. The wrong business structure can be enormously costly. I advise company founders and management teams on all aspects of business entity formation, ongoing operations, and regulation. I have expertise in corporate law to guide emerging companies through the legal issues they face. This work includes entity selection as well as the organization and preparation of all corporate matters, negotiations, contracts and governing documents on your behalf.

I assist entrepreneurs and business owners in navigating the numerous legal issues involved in funding their businesses in both the private and public markets. This includes formulating investment structures, negotiating deal and investment terms, ensuring regulatory compliance, drafting offering materials including term sheets, private placement memorandums, and subscription agreements.

I structure, negotiate, and complete corporate and securities transactions, including representing companies seeking to issue stock in the public or private markets, private equity transactions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. I provide guidance with respect to federal and state securities regulations for the offering of securities and exemptions therefrom.

I provide a full range of legal services to investment managers and funds on all phases of their businesses, such as manager and fund formation, raising money, and negotiating deals and investment terms. I advise investment managers and funds on federal and state compliance matters including the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and Investment Company Act of 1940, with significant experience in providing ongoing legal advice to investment management teams.

The process of making investments in private funds such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate and commodity funds can be challenging. Information on private funds and investment managers is often limited, making it difficult for investors to determine standard market terms. Significant structural and contractual differences can exist between funds and investment managers that seek identical investment objectives. I assist private fund investors and their financial advisors by reviewing investment documents, advising on fund and investment terms, spotting issues associated with a fund or manager, and negotiating the terms of their investments through the use of “side letter” agreements.

Due diligence to identify potential legal and regulatory issues is important to making a well-informed investment decision. Legal problems can sink an otherwise solid investment. I work with business owners, investment managers, and investors on analyzing legal and regulatory investment due diligence matters. I advise my clients on what practical steps can be taken to address potential problem areas so they can make smart decisions. I negotiate the best terms for them both before and after an investment is made.

The contracts and selling documents that companies, investors, and investment managers enter into define critical obligations, benefits, and costs that can run for many years. Individuals and businesses rely on these documents to make informed decisions and obligations. They face numerous challenges associated with these documents, including:

  • contracts and selling documents that are missing key information
  • contracts and selling documents that contain confusing or incomplete terms; and
  • information in one document that is inconsistent with information contained in another document.

Business owners, investors, and companies rely on me to draft, review, and negotiate important documents such as contracts and selling documents. I also formulate and conduct negotiations on behalf of my clients. In my review, I highlight contractual terms that I believe are deficient and seek to modify those terms to benefit my clients.

I help clients anticipate and comply with heightened regulatory standards. Working closely with business owners and investors, I identify issues that pose a high risk for potential issues and review relevant business practices. Individuals and businesses rely on me for ongoing regulatory and supervisory advice across a broad range of issues.






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